The Bitter Herb Academy: Certified Aromatherapist Course


Back Story:

I started my journey into alternative medicine over a decade ago with essential oils.  I was captivated with their aromatic properties, how they seemed to uplift my spirit, and how they helped keep my family and I healthy.  I began distilling my own essential oils and hydrosols from there and learned even more about the amazing benefits of essential oils.  When you follow the process from the field to the still, you have a more intimate knowledge of these oils…they become a part of who you are.

In this course, students will:

-Be provided with all the information necessary to exhibit proficiency in essential oil safety

– Have a deeper understanding of how essential oils are made and the constituents that make each oil unique

– Have a deeper understanding of how essential oils work in the body

– Learn about various ways to administer essential oils for optimal wellness

-Understand  and identify key constituents and their functions

– Be able to formulate effective blends for various needs

-Establish credibility in your business and community, especially if you sell essential oils or products containing them!

– Learn how to produce client intake forms for your aromatherapy business and how to communicate effectively with your future clients!

– Complete the requirements necessary to become a Certified Aromatherapist by The Bitter Herb Academy and receive an Aromatherapy Certification upon completion of the coursework.  You are not obligated to complete the coursework, and may take the course for your own learning as well!  If you complete the coursework satisfactorily, you will receive a certificate in PDF format that you may use to build your resume, etc.

– Be able to communicate with certified aromatherapist, herbalist, and essential oil distillation expert Amber Robinson with any questions

– Have access to The Bitter Herb Academy student Facebook group where you can share ideas, ask questions and connect with like-minded individuals!

– Upon becoming a student, you will be eligible for membership to the American Herbalists Guild because The Bitter Herb Academy is an AHG approved school! There are many benefits to being a member of AHG! American Herbalists Guild

Coming Spring 2019…

The Bitter Herb Academy: Certified Aromatherapist Course

Follow your dreams and enroll today!