The Bitter Herb Academy: Herbalist Certification Course


In this course, students will:

-Learn all the criteria for getting an herbal education per the American Herbalists Guild: AHG Guide to Getting an Herbal Education

-Learn about medicinal herbs and their uses

– Learn how herbs work in the body and how to create remedies to treat various issues

-Learn how to use and prepare various medicinal herbs for your needs

– Upon becoming a student, you will be eligible for discounted membership to the American Herbalists Guild because The Bitter Herb Academy is an AHG approved school! There are many benefits to being a member of AHG! American Herbalists Guild

-Learn how to become a professional herbalist by starting a practice and becoming your community herbalist!

-Learn how to create client intake forms and how to properly communicate with your future clients

-Learn about the legal aspects involved in becoming a practicing herbalist.

-Establish more credibility in your business – especially if you sell all-natural products that contain herbs, etc.

-Complete the requirements necessary to become an Herbalist by The Bitter Herb Academy and receive an Herbalist Certification upon completion of the coursework.  You are not obligated to complete the coursework, and may take the course for your own learning as well!  If you complete the coursework satisfactorily, you will receive a certificate in PDF format that you may use to build your resume, etc.

– Be able to communicate with aromatherapist, herbalist, and essential oil distillation expert Amber Robinson with any questions.

– Have access to The Bitter Herb Academy student Facebook group where you can share ideas, ask questions and connect with like-minded individuals!

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The Bitter Herb Academy: Herbalist Course

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